It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here! Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming and more people are outside enjoying the weather. But how about the inside of your house? Yes – we’re talking about the dreaded spring cleaning.

In this blog, we will be going through some practical ways to do your spring cleaning and our salespeople also have some tips to share!

Tip #1: After cleaning your rug, turn the rug 180 degrees. Why? Because sun hits the rug and can potentially fade the rug, so turning the rug will make sure the color quality of the rug is even throughout.

Tip #2: Switch out your artwork and bring in colors that excite you. It is, after all, your home!

Tip #3: Using a vacuum connector can help with spring cleaning tremendously! Use the connector to clean your blinds and lamp shades.

Tip #4: When cleaning your light fixtures, use vinegar water and a cloth.

Tip #5: Get rid of furniture you no longer need! A great way to do that is consigning your furniture at Anne’s Attic!

Let’s see what our salespeople are saying!

Spring Cleaning Blog - Quotes from Salespeople

We have several products at our store to help you with your spring cleaning!

Cleaning Products at High Country

Be sure to visit one of our 3 showrooms and talk to one of our experienced salespeople!


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