Got the Winter Blues?

Weather got you feeling down? With this cold weather and the sun going down sooner, it’s easy for your mood to be affected.

Practically, you could take more Vitamin D and exercise, but we also think that there are ways you can design your home to boost your mood! Here are 5 tips to help you if you are feeling blue this winter:

1. Have plenty pictures of loves ones and favorite memories around your home. Take a look at these driftwood frames we have here at High Country!


2. Pick cheerful artwork for your walls. This barn painting above this bed in our showroom has many uplifting colors.


3. Bring nature into your home, like some greenery or flowers.


4. Make sure the heavy traffic rooms in your home have plenty of light. Light opens up the room so that you don’t feel so closed in. We have a lighting center at our location on 3232 Dellwood Road.


5. Select the colors of your room wisely. According to HGTV, “Color is a powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic.” Red is passionate, orange is optimistic, green is calming, blue is tranquil, purple is creative, gray is sophisticated, and brown in natural. When deciding what color for each room, Freshome says that there are certain colors that are best for each room. For example, blue is a productive color so it should be used in the office and the color red encourages appetite so it should be in the dining room. Notice the subtle blues in this office vignette and the red accents in this dining room vignette.



Would you like to talk to our design personnel here at High Country about how to get out of your Winter Blues by incorporating some of these tips into your home? Come visit one of our 3 locations!


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