We’re Distressed…

We’re distressed.

Why, you ask?

Because we like it that way!

Here at High Country, several of the pieces we sell are distressed – meaning that the people who made the piece of furniture scratched it, hit it, and roughed it up before sending it to us.

You may ask, “Why would you distress a perfectly good piece of furniture? You would do this on purpose? Wouldn’t you want a new piece of furniture to look nice and smooth?”

Distressing a piece of furniture makes it appear to be older than it really is – kind of like an antique. Often times, antiques hold value and memories. Antiques represent a moment in history and the work of artisans years ago. The goal of distressing is to make furniture have the same look and sentimental feeling as an antique.

Distress Example 3

The process of distressing furniture actually sounds pretty recreational! There are several techniques that are used:

  • Hitting the head of a hammer on the furniture to make a circular dent
  • Striking the furniture with chains
  • Using tools in your toolbox to make scratches on the surface
  • Running a saw blade over the piece of furniture
  • Using your keys to nick up the table

Distress Example 2

Often times, stain will be applied after the furniture has been distressed so that the stain can bring out the distress marks even more.

Distress Example 1

Are you distressed now? Visit High Country to see some of the distressed pieces in our showroom.


Let There Be Light!

When customers come in to shop for lighting, there are two main topics they ask about: size and placement. It is surprising the number of people who buy a lighting fixture in our showroom and think it is so large but when they take it home, it is smaller than they remembered. Our design center personnel has some tips to prevent this from happening.

For dining rooms, we recommend for customers to measure the width of their dining room table. Then, we tell them to take that measurement and subtract 12 inches from it to calculate the width of the chandelier they should select. When it comes to hanging the chandelier, it should hang about 30 inches above the table top.

For other rooms in your home, we recommend for customers to measure their room diagonally, from one corner to the other corner. If the room is 20 feet, then the diameter of the chandelier should be 20 inches. If the room is 30 feet, then the diameter of the chandelier should be 30 inches. Sound simple? We think so too!

Another frequently asked question is “What type of lighting should I use on my covered outdoor porch?” Damp rated lighting is a necessity for outdoor covered areas. Damp rated lighting protects against moisture, hence why it’s also important to use damp rated lighting in the bathroom.

Here at High Country Furniture & Design, we highly recommend Kalco. Kalco has a variety of lighting options to choose from. They describe their lighting designs as “an original work of art.” Shop our Kalco selection and take advantage of great savings!

Kalco Promotion

Celebrate Dad!

Looking for ways to celebrate dad this weekend? We have 3 ideas for you!

1. Take him to the Appalachian Lifestyle Celebration
The 4th annual Appalachian Lifestyle Celebration will be taking place on Main Street in Downtown Waynesville from 10am-5pm on Saturday. There will be live music and dance performances. This event is great for every member of the family! Traditional crafts – such as basket making, wood carving, pottery, painting, leatherworking, and soap making – will be demonstrated and available for purchase. If you get hungry while at the celebration, there will also be several traditional Appalachian food vendors present at the event! For a virtual tour of downtown, click here.

2. Make a “Thank you for…” list
Often times, we don’t take enough time to think about the impact our dads have made on our lives. It’s time that he hears how much you are thankful for him! Take 10-20 minutes to write out all the reasons you are thankful for your dad. You could even start every sentence with “Thank you for…” When you are done with your list, read it to your dad!

3. Treat your dad to a new recliner!
Give your dad the gift of comfort by selecting from our wide variety of recliners. Dad works so hard and deserves to relax in a cozy recliner! You could even give your dad a nice shoulder massage while he is sitting in his new recliner and enjoying the best father’s day gift you’ve ever given him!

Recliner Sale

High Country Says Hello to Hendersonville

High Country Furniture & Design opened its third location in Hendersonville, NC this past August. Downtown Hendersonville is a great place for dining, entertainment, and shopping.


In March of 2013, the search began to find a location in downtown Hendersonville. We found a three story location on 342 N. Main Street and then opened our doors that August.  Since then, our Hendersonville store has experienced much success. Even customers from South Carolina travel around 45 minutes to take a look at our selection.

Like our main location on Dellwood Road, our Hendersonville location also offers design services. Whether you live in the area or you live a bit away, our location in Hendersonville is a delightful destination to visit.